Gold Coin Hoards

This list of hoards covers all those in which gold coins were found and are arranged in order according to the latest king whose coins are present in the hoard. It is usually assumed that hoards were deposited at the time of the most recent coin that was present. It is unlikely that this is always true but presumably it is usually true.

Summary of Hoard Contents

Hoard Wima Kanishka Huvishka Vasudeva Kanishka II Vasishka Kanishka III Vasudeva II Mahi Shaka Kipunadha
1998 Parcel A 572
1889 Kheri Hoard ??
Sahawa Hoard 13
Bonai Hoard 1
Dabro Dammo 55886
1877 Peshawar Parcel 5808
Tehri-Garhwal Hoard 441
Topi Hoard 516
Delhupur 121184
Harchandpur 12 105
Dada Fatehpur 2 2 23
Sarghoda 12116
Rasoolnaga 1
1902 Sarsawa 1
EW 30 Parcel 107
1886 Bijnor 2 21

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