Finds of Coins

Coin finds are reported individually as they occur. The publication, and level of detail, depending upon the interest, training, and personality of individual academics. Such finds only make sense once they are placed in a larger context (coins were part of a system when they were made, and part of a system when used). So recognizing this many authors have undertaken to survey the existing material. Sometimes, as in Chattopadhyay (1967) this is an attempt to record coins of a particular type, but more frequently it is a regional survey, Rtveladze (1981) has surveyed finds in Uzbekistan, Srivastava (1980) in Uttar Pradesh, Ball (1982) for Afghanistan. Dovudi (2009) has listed hoards examined in his work in Tadjikistan, and Gorin (2011) has summarised those from Central Asia. The question of Kushan extension beyond Mathura/Ahichchatra in the Gangetic valley has been controversial and as such there are number of surveys of finds (Banerji, 1951; Gupta, 1953; Singh, 1973).

Surveys become out of date, a problem hopefully over-come by placing this survey in a dynamic media. However, there is undoubtedly much material that is missing from the lists here. The language problem is particularly acute, as material published in Italian, French, and especially Russian, is not accessible to those who know only English.

Items marked with an asterisk have not been consulted directly.

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