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Literary Evidence For Kushan History

There is a very large amount of written material for Kushan history but no single unified source. This page lacks the space to be comprehensive on the matter. Instead, written testimony, epigraphic, historic and mythical. The choice of inscriptions and evidence is arbitrary. A piece is included here when it is used to support an argument elsewhere on the site. If the piece is not used as evidence then it is not included. For a more complete selection of written evidence, see the bibliography

The evidence is arranged in chronological order for ease of reading. This follows the example of similar Roman source books. It allows any user to simply copy and examine the chronological period they are interested in. Each source can also be reached from other parts of the page that reference it. There are also a number of 'Subject Areas' that reference particular sections or groups of evidence.

If anyone knows of an inscription or passage which I have not included and which may be useful then please email me. New inscriptions are often published without a lot of attention being paid to them. So it is very possible I have missed something that is important.

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