Caesar/Miniknight Orcs (Set F12)

Height: 22-23mm
Material: Metal

This is part of Caesars range of Fantasy figures, and with the Adventurers set was the first to be released in 2005. The set contains ten orcs, six with various weapons, two shamans, a drummer, and one blowing a horn. A number of the weapons and shields are supplied seperately (though there weren't enough for all the ring hands in the set I received and I had to scrounge in the bits bow to make the numbers up).

The orcs are all in a primitive style, without armour, wearing furs, and carrying crude weapons. Most are wearing a limited amount, giving a lot of flesh to paint (if you think that is a good or a bad thing will depend on how much you like painting flesh). The figures come moulded with a hexagonal base (I have rebased those above), and all have ring hands for weapons.

The sculpting is in general very good, there is plenty of character, and their is a good variety of poses and equipment. This is in general a very nice set. A genuine effort has been made to give the ring hands the look of real hands, which was appreciated.

BUT, there are a number of problems. That there weren't enough weapons has already been mentioned. Another problem is the size, at 22 -23mm these figures tower over most figures in 1/72, including the Dark Hold orcs (with the best will the two could not be combined in the same unit). This over scaling isn't too bad as the figures aren't human, and seven foot tall might be reasonable for orcs (it depends on player taste and background) Also, this pack contains two musicians (with instruments moulded with the figures) and two shamans. Nobody needs 40% of their army to be made up of this sort of character model, and it would have been better if the instruments had been optional.

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