1/72 Fantasy Miniatures

Welcome to the 1/72 fantasy wargames page, dedicated to everything fantasy in 20mm. When I say everything I mean about 20 figures, as almost nobody does anything fantasy related. 

Hopefully that has all changed, because in 2005 two companies (both newcomers) have released ranges of fantasy figures (mostly orcs) in this scale,  Dark Hold Miniatures, and Caesar (under the brandname Miniknight).

September 2006. An update kindly provided by a reader. The Dark Hold orcs are presently available here. Also those interested in trying out an Undead army should check out the Legion of Nightmare reviewed on Plastic Soldiers Review. And I have now seen the Mounted Adventurers set featured right is available in shops.

13 March 2006 - A review of the Dark Hold Sorcerer, and Some additions to their orcs. And a correction to the Death Shadow.

28 February 2006 - A review of the Miniknight adventurers. And I have started a gallery page, and a review of the Death Shadow from Dark Hold.

26 February 2006 - Second review! The Orc range from Miniknight

21 February 2006 - First review. I have finished painting the Dark Hold range of orcs.

 Dark Hold Orcs
 Miniknight Orcs
 Sorcerer (Dark Hold)
 Adventurers (Miniknight)
 Death Shadow (Miniknight)

Gallery Page

A sneak preview. This was sent to me by Caesar along with some samples of their orc and adventurer set, so expect some cavalry at some point. (21/02/06).